The healthier the habitat, the finer the Wagyu

With World Habitat Day approaching on Monday 3 October 2022, we’re celebrating the biodiversity of Wild Coast Wagyu’s heritage farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Greenfields may be best known for its magnificent Wagyu cattle, but the sustainable farming methods we practice also allow the natural environment to host an amazing array of indigenous flora and fauna.

Every living organism needs shelter, water, food and space in adequate amounts to survive. At Wild Coast Wagyu though, we want our inhabitants to thrive, which is why we are so committed to ecological methods. From our free-roaming and pasture-fed cattle, to the Blue Cranes nesting in the trees, and flowering succulents in the pastures, supporting our rich ecosystem and preserving the land for future generations is at the heart of what we do.

On a recent visit, botanist Sachin Doarsamy conducted a botanical survey and assisted in the rehabilitation of protected plants. As a committee member for the Botanical Society of South Africa, he has a deep knowledge and understanding of veld management and local Midlands flora, and was pleased to spot the slow-growing Aloe maculata in a range of colours; specimens of succulent perennial Euphorbia clavarioides; and Haemanthus humilis subspecies hirsutus, a deciduous bulb.

Another highlight was sighting the elegant Moraea hiemalis, a range-restricted plant with a vulnerable ‘red list’ status due to urban expansion and industrial agriculture.  

Through regenerative farming methods, our Wagyu cattle are able to happily co-exist in this bubble of indigenous plant life. Herds are rotated across the grassland, giving pastures time to rest and replenish and well-developed root systems to take hold. This allows microbes, fungi and worms to flourish, boosting the nutrient content of the soil. Richer soil means healthier cows and, in turn, the highest-quality Wagyu beef for our customers – it’s symbiosis at its best!

Shop our 100% certified Wagyu beef and support sustainable farming this World Habitat Day.

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