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Include certified Wagyu beef in your Heritage Month celebrations

In South Africa, the month of September is something particularly special as we celebrate the diverse traditions, languages and cuisines that make this beautiful country home to so many.  

This upcoming Heritage Day, delicious food, made with recipes handed down from generation to generation, will line all our tables, and we’re all for it!  Our team at Wild Coast Wagyu has put our heads together and considered some famous South African dishes (that are bound to make an appearance) that can be taken up a level with the delicacy that is authentic, 100% certified Wagyu beef.  

Wagyu’s signature marbling and rich umami flavours can be enjoyed in combination with a range of different flavours, not simply as a mouthwatering steak on a braai (while this will work too. 😉) 

From potjies to boboties, let’s take a look at some of these famous dishes and how you can incorporate Wagyu beef.   

1. Wagyu Potjie 

We all love a good South African Potjie- a long-standing stew cooked slowly in a traditional three-legged cast-iron pot. Bringing together a medley of meats, veggies, and aromatic spices for a beautiful combo. For greater depth of rich, umami flavour, swap out your regular beef chunks for Wagyu goulash and taste the difference! 

Wagyu Potjie

3. Wagyu Bobotie 

Some go as far as labelling it our “national dish” (while others may furiously disagree…) there’s no denying that Bobotie is a classic South African favourite. Originating from the Cape Malay culture, this dish boasts a delightful fusion of sweet and savoury flavours. Take this beloved, traditional dish up a notch with Wagyu mince.  Think aromatic spices combined with the richness of Wagyu- dreamy! 

Wagyu Bobotie

4. Wagyu Bunny Chow 

There’s very few communities in South African where you won’t find a good old’ bunny chow.  

The hollowed-out pockets of fresh bread, filled with rich curries and gravy-soaked potatoes, hit the spot every time. The incorporation of beautifully marbled Wagyu beef cubes brings a level of tenderness and flavour that you (and your guests) will love!  

Wagyu Bunny Chow

5.  Wagyu Mince Samosas 

One thing South Africans can’t get enough of: the little golden pockets of deliciousness- the samosa.  

Traditionally made with the lovely aromas of ground cumin, coriander and garam masala mixed in with regular beef mince. There is, however, the risk of your mince drying out whereas a substitution of Wagyu mince ensures a deliciously tender and moist filling.  

Wagyu Mince Samosas

Last but not least: good old Wor’s roll with Wagyu boerewors. Made with a special signature spice mix, you’ll find a whole new way of enjoying this classic go-to South African poolside snack. Pair with your favourite chakalaka recipe or caramelised onions.  

Here are but a few straightforward ways to incorporate certified Wagyu beef in your Heritage Day cooking. 

Make sure to place your orders online to ensure you are set with every ingredient that you need for a truly spectacular Heritage Day.  

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