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Four unique beef cuts and ideal uses

We all know the fillets, rib-eyes and rumps of the beef world, but these four unique beef cuts will change your view on your next steak. 

Oyster blade – the lesser-known cut 

The oyster blade is connected to the should blade of the beef. It is considered one of the unique beef cuts because of its versatility: it can be used as a slow roast or steak depending on your preference on the day! This cut is packed with flavour for anyone who appreciates steak of a high quality. We discovered a recipe that made our mouths water: Whisky aged wagyu oyster blade with oyster mushrooms and onions. Imagine this on a Sunday afternoon with a great bottle of red wine? 

Intercostals – one of the smaller but still unique beef cuts 

The intercostal muscles are situated in between the cattle’s rib, so they are essentially beef ribs without the bones (much better, in our opinion). They are packed with flavour and are incredibly tender because of the high volumes of fat and will remain tender if you slow cook them. Christopher Millar, and Australian chef specialising in meat, created a recipe that involves brining and braising the intercostals for a long time, finishing them off on the Josper grill, and serving with fresh gorgonzola and honey. The combination of these elements is heavenly!  

The Denver – superior meatiness  

The Denver cut is derived from the shoulder of the wagyu. Because it is the most worked part of the steer it is super meaty and incredibly tender. When cut separately from the chuck roast, it is known to be the fourth most tender muscle of this incredible beast. The marbling is close to perfect and is best served as a grilled or fried steak. Because it is already packed in natural meaty flavour, we recommend serving this cut with a lightly flavoured rub and cooked on the grill.  

The perfection of the Picanha cut 

The Picanha cut is one of the most unique beef cuts that is not given the praise it deserves. Surprisingly, it is one of the more affordable cuts of beef despite being less popular compared to the likes of fillet and rump. However, this cut is incredibly popular in Brazil, hence its Portuguese name, and originates from the sirloin cap of the cattle. This muscle is not worked as much as the Denver, so it is described to be as tender as fillet with all the flavour of rump. This cut is easy to cook and is most commonly served with a delicious Chimichurri sauce!  

If you are interested in learning more about these unique beef cuts or even purchasing a wagyu cow for yourself, then let’s get in touch!  

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