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A Guide to Wagyu Ribeye

If you’re looking to enjoy the “crème da la crème” of all steaks, Wild Coast Wagyu’s Wagyu ribeye is one of your best bets. This sensational cut is the epitome of luxury in the world of beef.

With its exceptional marbling, unparalleled tenderness, and melt-in-your-mouth flavour, Wagyu ribeye is a cut above the rest. In this blog, we’re hoping to take you on a journey of exploring what makes this particular cut unique, how to prepare it best and why you should add it to your next Wild Coast Wagyu shopping cart.

Where does the Wagyu ribeye come from?

Wagyu ribeye is sourced from the Wagyu cow’s upper rib area and is essentially an individually cut prime rib roast. The unique genetics of Wagyu cattle, combined with their specific rearing and feeding practices, contributes to the intense levels of marbling and buttery texture found in this particular cut.

Speaking of Marbling…

The hallmark of Wagyu ribeye is its abundant marbling, which refers to the intramuscular fat that runs through the meat. This not only adds flavour but also ensures a tender and juicy eating experience. The delicate webbing of fat within the meat melts during cooking, infusing the ribeye with an incredible depth of flavour, richness, and buttery succulence and prevents the meat from drying out, even while cooked on high heat. (Is your mouth watering yet?)

The Art Of Preparing And Enjoying Your Wagyu Ribeye

To fully appreciate the qualities of Wagyu ribeye, proper preparation is essential. Here are some key tips to make the most of this culinary delight:

1. Seasoning to Enhance the Flavour

A simple blend of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper is often enough to enhance the inherent taste of the meat. Allow the ribeye to rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes after defrosting before seasoning and cooking.

2. Grill to Perfection

Grilling is the preferred cooking method for Wagyu ribeye, as it allows the fat to render and the flavours to intensify. Preheat your grill to medium-high heat and sear the ribeye for about 3-4 minutes on each side, depending on your desired level of doneness. For a medium-rare result, aim for an internal temperature of around 54°C.

3. Resting for Optimal Juiciness

After cooking, let the Wagyu ribeye rest for a few minutes to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat. This resting period ensures maximum juiciness and tenderness.

When it’s time to savour your perfectly grilled Wagyu Ribeye, slice it against the grain to further enhance tenderness.


What is the Difference Between Wagyu Ribeye and Regular Ribeye?

Wagyu Ribeye is distinguished by its intense marbling, which results in exceptional tenderness and flavour. Regular ribeye, while still delicious, typically has less marbling and a slightly different taste profile.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Wagyu Ribeye in South Africa?

Authentic Wagyu Ribeye can be sourced from reputable suppliers that are certified by the Wagyu Society of South Africa. This certification is important to ensure you are purchasing Wagyu that is of the best quality, as these suppliers adhere to stringent quality standards. Wild Coast Wagyu is one such supplier! View our accreditation here.

Can Wagyu Ribeye Be Cooked to Well-done?

While possible, it is not recommended. You risk losing the beautiful tenderness and flavour qualities associated with ribeye and Wagyu beef in general. We recommend cooking your Wagyu ribeye to a medium-rare or medium level of doneness to appreciate its exceptional texture and flavour fully.

What are Some Recommended Side Dishes to Accompany Wagyu Ribeye?

Wagyu ribeye makes for a particularly rich meal which is why we suggest pairing it with a lighter side to keep the main thing the main thing. Ideally, pair your Wagyu ribeye with a side that pairs well with smoky flavours.

Consider a veggie accompaniment such as classic sauteed mushrooms or a lightly seasoned dish of roasted broccoli, sprouts or asparagus with a sprinkle of parmesan or herbs to finish. If you would prefer a starch element, a simple baked potato or mashed potato will do the trick. ( but we suggest laying off the butter here to avoid competing with your steak!).  

Alternatively, you can never go wrong with a fresh garden salad.

So, if your taste buds are currently tingling, and you can practically smell your Wagyu ribeye on your imaginary plate, you can place your order online from Wild Coast Wagyu here.

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