The Finest Wagyu Beef South Africa Has to Offer

Since our launch in July 2022, Wild Coast Wagyu has established itself as a provider of 100% certified Wagyu beef that South African citizens can enjoy every day. With a fervent passion for Wagyu beef, we ensure that each of our cuts are 100% certified Wagyu, through unapologetically strict genetics and quality control standards. Our customers can rest assured that each cut they purchase bears the Certified South African Wagyu Beef (CSAWB) certification, a registered trademark of Wagyu Society of South Africa.

Sustainable & Regenerative Farming

“We firmly believe that our production of Wagyu beef in South Africa should not come at a cost to our environment, which is why we are committed to contemplate, innovate and employ sustainable farming initiatives on all of our Wagyu farms both now and in the future.” Says Wild Coast Wagyu’s founder, Gerald.

Wild Coast Wagyu takes pride in setting ourselves apart from mass-farming by practicing regenerative agriculture. These holistic farming practices aim to improve soil health and reverse climate change by expanding biodiversity, improving the water cycle, increasing organic matter in soil structure and transferring carbon from the atmosphere to the soil.

Traditionally, beef farms tend to implement highly intensive farming practices which result in overcrowding their cattle and replacing their natural diet of pasture with cheaper grain. Wild Coast Wagyu practices field rotation. This allows our cattle to graze our pastures for a short period of time. Mimicking the migratory movements of large herds and giving them access to a broader range of nutrients.

This practice allows our pastures to replenish themselves, and significantly diminishes the overuse of resources.

Additionally, our cattle only graze on natural, irrigated pastures, making them healthier and preventing the need for antibiotics.

Nothing to hide

Transparency permeates our entire process, allowing for complete traceability. As a result, you know exactly where your Wagyu comes from, ensuring that you have the real thing on your dinner table.

Caring for the environment and our people

Through environmentally friendly farming, we prevent overgrazing and nutrient depletion in our pastures. Along with our care for the environment, we are heavily invested in the social upliftment of our surrounding communities.

To top it all off, Wild Coast Wagyu boasts genetics within the top 5% globally. We’ve established complete traceability on our certification and our animals, ensuring you get the highest quality, every time.

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