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Certified Wagyu Beef Shouldn’t Cost the Earth

We firmly believe that no one should ever feel bad about enjoying the finer things in life, such as our certified Wagyu beef, which is why we have gone the extra mile to establish ourselves through sustainable farming.


Where the norm in mass beef production is to overcrowd the cattle and feed them the cheapest grains to turn greater profits, we strongly disagree with this.

We subscribe to the practice of regenerative agriculture, which puts the earth and its inhabitants first and encompasses practices such as ecological grazing, agroforestry, and permaculture.

Successful soil management is key to our sustainability. Our cattle are reared on natural, irrigated pastures, which assist with the carbon-fixing properties of the soils.

MOO-ving On to Greener Pastures

In order to help our farmland regenerate and work together with nature rather than against it, we practice field rotation, only allowing our cattle to graze on each pasture for a short period of time and moving them around from field to field. This helps improve landscape health and its resilience and helps increase the diversity of plant and animal life, which moves against mainstream industrial farming practices. 

By practicing this ecological grazing and moving our cows, we give our pastures time to rest and replenish themselves, helping bigger root systems grow, thus aiding the soil in holding water, making it much healthier so that it can host all the right microbes, fungi, and soil-aerating worms.

Our healthy grazing practices and our holistic management of the land not only helps the planet, but also helps us produce the highest quality beef. The cows consume way more nutrients, keeping them healthy, so that we don’t have to feed them antibiotics. These nutrients are passed onto our Wild Coast Wagyu connoisseurs, keeping them happy and healthy – it really is a win-win situation.

Wild Coast Wagyu Organic


As farmers, we can only do so much to increase our sustainability and care for our planet. This is why we need consumers to assist us in our ecological endeavours. 

How You Can Make a Difference

When you buy Wagyu, you support sustainable farming that protects the planet and its people. When you buy it, you are choosing to be a better person and are not subscribing to the lifestyle of overconsumption. You help sustainable farming practices live on and continue the culture of treating animals humanely and with respect. Your choice matters!

Please join us in our quest by sharing our story of sustainability. Share our page using the buttons below to educate more consumers and help them shop and eat responsibly.

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