wagyu short rib stew

Hearty and wholesome Wagyu short rib stew

If the winter weather forecast has you down, you’re not alone. When the weather outside is chilly, it can be difficult to feel inspired. Luckily, you can warm up the whole family with this homemade stew recipe that is both delicious and cosy.  

It’s hard to compare Wagyu Beef to anything else on the meat market. The marbling makes the beef juicy and tender and adds a buttery texture. Due to its rich, flavourful nature, a little goes a long way. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

✔️ Cube your Wagyu brisket and sear in a pan with olive oil until deep golden brown (5-6 minutes). 
✔️ Set the Wagyu aside and prepare your vegetables and spices in the same skillet. You can choose onions, carrots, and one other that appeals to you (keep it simple). 
✔️ Add your Wagyu back into the pan and add the rest of your herbs (your choice). 
✔️ With your veggies, spices, and Wagyu now in a deep casserole dish – cover with water – just enough to submerge the meat. 
✔️ Add a bit of salt and then put in the oven for around 3-4 hours at 120°C. You can increase this temperature in the last 15 minutes to further brown the stock. 

At Wild Coast Wagyu, we raise free-roaming cattle without using stimulants, hormones or antibiotics to promote growth. As a result of this low-stress environment, our beef is of a very high quality. 

Our products ensure the ultimate dining experience by combining superior genetics and optimal nutrition. 

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