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Five Reasons Why Wagyu is the Best Beef for Your Braai

It’s a beautiful autumn Saturday, no rain is forecasted, and the steaks have been taken out of the freezer to defrost.

We all know the drill…

It’s BRAAI time.

Fast forward a few hours, and the air is filled with the familiar smell of charred charcoal, the sizzling of steaks and the chatter of friends. There’re fresh salads on the table, toasted garlic bread and the main hero― meat grilled to perfection.

Braais are something special in our country– arguably a fundamental part of South African culture. Here at Wild Coast Wagyu, we’re passionate about putting quality, delicious beef on everyone’s braai, and there’s nothing that compares to Wagyu beef.

Here are five reasons why Wagyu beef should be on your braai:

  1. Wagyu’s melting point: Wagyu beef has a unique fat melting point that is lower than a human’s body temperature. The high-fat content in the beef in combination with this melting point, makes for a delicious, buttery eating experience where the meat will literally melt in your mouth.
  2. Unmatched tenderness: There’s no better compliment for a braai master than, “this meat is so tender!”. Well, this is guaranteed with Wagyu beef. With its subtle genetic intramuscular fat, known as “marbling”, the meat is basted from the inside out, resulting in meat that is naturally juicy and delightfully tender. Better yet – this is a healthy, monounsaturated fat that is proven to help reduce cholesterol levels.
  3. Consistency: There’s nothing worse than purchasing a steak only to have it be tough and full of saturated fat! Thanks to unapologetically strict Wagyu quality control measures and our certification with the Wagyu Society of South Africa, you can rest assured that the Wagyu beef on your plate will always be of top quality.
  4. Hormone-free: Reared on local South African Greenfields Farm in the KZN Midlands, our Wagyu beef is completely free from unhealthy hormones and antibiotics. Whether you enjoy a Wagyu steak on your braai, or our Wagyu boerewors or sausages, you’ll find our meat free from any fillers and full of authentic umami flavour.
  5. Less is more: Hear us out on this one! While we can all relate to the overwhelming desire to fill our plates to overflowing when met with a dish piled high with braai meat, we’re also left feeling somewhat comatose afterwards…
    Wagyu beef’s rich umami flavour means a little goes a long way, leaving you feeling fuller for longer! Spend less time cooking and more time slowly enjoying every mouthful of your meal.  

With these points in mind, we hope we’ve convinced you why Wagyu is the best beef in South Africa and why it should be the hero of your braai this April and every other month of the year!

Browse our range of Wagyu cuts here and be prepared to take your braai to a whole new level.

Image credits: Pexles by George Piskov and Unsplash by Kelly Sikkema

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