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Why the Wagyu cow is not just your ordinary cow 

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If the cow population had a hierarchy, the Wagyu breed would be right at the top. The meat from this cow is undoubtedly superior and other cuts pale in comparison. Here is a rundown on Wagyu beef and our approach to Wagyu breeding.  

How the Wagyu beast is different to other cows 

You may be thinking: “What’s the deal with this cow, surely it’s the same as the others except its meat costs much more?” But you couldn’t be further from the truth. The Wagyu cow originates from Japan and comes from a direct, traceable and pure bloodline. This means that in order for Wagyu beef to be considered authentic, it has to be traced back to its origins.  

Wild Coast Wagyu rearing and breeding  

There is a standard rearing and breeding process amongst other breeds of cows, but this process is different for Wagyu cows. Through the guidance of leading international breeders, we have acquired some of the best genetics available from providers in Australia and the USA for use in our embryo implantation and artificial insemination programmes. When we sell our cows and genetics, we openly provide information about their traceability and genetic background. 

We take great care in the rearing process of our cows, treating them with respect until their dignified end. Our cows roam freely on open grasslands in a stress and hassle-free environment. The separation from the mother happens at 24 months and after this they are fed in extensive feedlots. This allows them to continue to be free-ranging whilst they are fed with a supplementary diet consisting of the best natural, locally grown feedstocks.  

Why Wagyu beef is luxury at its finest  

If you have ever had Wagyu beef before, you will know what we mean when we say that eating this kind of beef is a sensory experience like no other. It is superior because our Wagyu are provided with the best nutrition and are free-range, grass-fed cows. As with most things that are considered luxury, authentic Wagyu takes time and attention to detail to perfect in order not to compromise on its quality.  

At first glance, the health fanatic may notice the fat on a piece of Wagyu beef and think: “this can’t be good for me.” However, Wagyu beef is far from unhealthy. In fact, Wagyu beef is full of mono-unsaturated fats which melt in your mouth each time. This kind of fat is high in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which offer protection against a variety of common health issues.  

If you are a discerning Wagyu farmer, then we have our bulls and genetics available for sale. Contact us for more information on this premium breed of cattle! 

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