Why "The Baron of Beef"?

Perfectly marbled, indulgent richness,
with an unparalleled depth of flavour.

There is no other beef that deserves the noble title of “The Baron of Beef” than our Wagyu beef which is produced to the highest standards for your enjoyment.

Once you have tasted Wagyu beef, you will have experienced one of the delights of gastronomy. Our free ranging Wagyu cattle are reared on natural pastures and fed with natural supplements without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. We are committed to producing Wagyu beef of an exceptionally high standard. As with all exceptional products, there are cheap imitations in the marketplace. We take the time and care to produce truly authentic Wagyu beef.  

It’s all in the marbling

The marbled texture of Wagyu beef comes from the unsaturated fat which is evenly distributed throughout the beef, which results in a succulent, tender, melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

As we become more conscious of what we eat, it makes absolute sense to ask the question, “is all this fat good for me?” The answer is yes!  Wagyu beef contains mono unsaturated fat, which melts at room temperature, and this is why the meat literally melts in your mouth. These fats do not contribute to cholesterol levels in the body. Wagyu beef is high in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which play a part in the prevention of  heart disease, arthritis and high blood pressure.




Wagyu beef is expensive to produce due to the cost of genetics and the high quality feed. The beef is very filling so a 200g cut goes a lot further. The beef has a richness that enhances the other ingredients of your favourite recipes so portion sizes tend to be smaller. Wagyu fat is used as a flavour enhancer in gourmet beef burger patties, so we guess that says a lot about Wagyu!


Because of the tenderness, cuts usually reserved for long afternoons bubbling away in a stew pot, can in fact also be enjoyed as a well-seasoned, flame grilled steak. Whether it is served as part of a home style meal or in the finest restaurant with an indulgent wild mushroom sauce and decadent shaved truffles, Wagyu will always be the highlight of the meal.


The marbling in Wagyu is unique to the breed and it is this marbling that provides the beef with its unique taste. To obtain the highest marbling it is important that the best genetic strains are used in the breeding process. It is through careful pairing of genetics and the highest quality feeding, that we achieve our high marbling standards. The result of this attention to detail is reflected in the quality of the product.

Available for retail and trade

Cooking BBQ Barbecue grilling steak

Our commitment is to be a valued partner to our distributors and hospitality partners by  delivering the highest quality products whilst ensuring that flavour and tenderness exceed the expectation of our customers.


Whether you are a discerning restauranteur or a chef looking for a prime, locally produced product for your guests, or you just want to experience Wagyu beef at home, Wild Coast Wagyu aims to maintain a sustainable supply of premium quality Wagyu beef for you.