We have purchased some of the best genetics available locally and from Australia and the United States. We have access to an embryo and in vitro fertilization facility through Dr Fanie Steyn, and are developing a herd of high quality fullblood and crossbred Wagyu genetics. Our animals are registered with the Wagyu Society of South Africa which ensures the traceability of animals through DNA sampling and testing.

Rearing & Finishing

  • Our calves are hand reared in pens where we can monitor their health and feed intake until 6 months of age.
  • The weaners are raised on irrigated pastures in a stress free environment from 6 to 18 months of age.
  • From 18 to 26 months the Wagyu animals are fed with supplementary feed on pasture, which consists of roughage, hominy chop, maize, molasses, brewer’s waste and oil seed cake.
  • Commercial grades are slaughtered at 26 months with premium grades being fed for a further 10 months before slaughter.
  • All of our cuts are packaged and stamped with the Certified South African Wagyu Beef mark and barcoded to ensure that the end user is able to trace the product back to its point of origin and genetic record.
  • Our genetics and breeding animals are available for sale should you be interested in purchasing Wagyu genetics.

Wagyu Certifications

Certified South African Wagyu Beef (CSAWB) is a registered trademark of the Wagyu Society of South Africa (WSSA) and is used to certify the origin and quality of beef that is marketed and sold under this quality control trademark.

The CSAWB trademark assures you the consumer, that all processed beef conforms to specific standards and is fully traceable according to standardised protocols which are documented and audited.