Wagyu Osso Bucco 500G

The Wagyu “osso bucco” comes from the phrase “hollowed bone” and refers to the iconic Milanese dish that this cut is known for. 

Marbling Score

MS 6-7, MS 4-5


From the leg shank bone, the osso bucco contains the marrow-filled bone and contains a high amount of connective tissue. This tissue breaks down when prepared using slow, moist cooking methods making it the perfect Wagyu cut for hearty winter soups, casseroles, and bone broth with a rich, full-bodied flavour.

Our 100% certified Wagyu Beef is free ranging on the hills of our Greenfields farm. They are raised hormone-free under consciously sustainable farming practices.

Disclaimer: At this stage, Johannesburg orders do not arrive in branded Wild Coast Wagyu boxes. Complete orders are delivered in one box (unless specified otherwise).


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