Wagyu Brisket (Bone In)

Wagyu brisket is a firm favourite with a meaty, robust flavour profile and great texture.

Marbling Score

MS 4-5, MS 6


2KG, 3KG


Wagyu brisket roast is a great Sunday roast option, slow-cooked and braised in the oven or roasted over the coals – this is an excellent choice for a family meal. While brisket is often considered a tougher cut, it is much more tender when taken from Wagyu beef.

Please note: Our Wagyu brisket has a higher fat content than other Wild Coast Wagyu cuts.

Our 100% certified Wagyu Beef is free ranging on the hills of our Greenfields farm. They are raised hormone-free under consciously sustainable farming practices.

Disclaimer: At this stage, Johannesburg orders do not arrive in branded Wild Coast Wagyu boxes. Complete orders are delivered in one box (unless specified otherwise).


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