Wagyu Tri-Tip Steak 500G

They say that if you’ve never had Wagyu tri-tip, you haven’t lived! Easy to prepare and the flavour is unbeatable.

Marbling Score

MS 6-7, MS 8-9, MS 4-5


Wagyu tri-tip is very versatile in terms of seasoning, but you can’t go wrong with salt and black pepper. Coriander also works well to liven up the taste. Tri-tip Wagyu has a hearty, beefy flavour and is low in fat, making it a healthier option (however, all Wagyu contains ‘good’ fats and is generally considered healthy).

Our 100% certified Wagyu Beef is free ranging on the hills of our Greenfields farm. They are raised hormone-free under consciously sustainable farming practices.

Disclaimer: At this stage, Johannesburg orders do not arrive in branded Wild Coast Wagyu boxes. Complete orders are delivered in one box (unless specified otherwise).


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