Wagyu Picanha Steak 300G

Translating to ‘top rump cap’, this Wagyu cut is renowned for its rich, umami flavour.

Marbling Score

MS 4-5, MS 6-7, MS 8-9


Wagyu picanha presents as a cut that is roughly triangular in shape, and is topped with a thickset layer of fat, giving it a boost of juicy flavour! It is often referred to as the rump cap or rump cover, since it is sourced from the upper rump. This part of the Wagyu cow is a muscle that is not frequently used, and so it is extremely tender.

Resting this cut well is imperative for the juiciest results. Leave to rest until it reaches room temperature. Then, slice with the grain when cutting up into smaller pieces.

Don’t overcomplicate seasoning as its flavour profile is already quite strong.

Our 100% certified Wagyu Beef is free ranging on the hills of our Greenfields farm. They are raised hormone-free under consciously sustainable farming practices.

Disclaimer: At this stage, Johannesburg orders do not arrive in branded Wild Coast Wagyu boxes. Complete orders are delivered in one box (unless specified otherwise).


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