The Legend that is Wagyu Beef

Exceptional Quality Prime Wagyu Beef

When you discover Wagyu beef, you will experience a new frame of reference for excellence in taste. Wagyu beef is a gastronomic experience with its exceptional tenderness and flavour. Wagyu cattle were originally bred in Japan as draught animals and fed on a diet which  enabled them to work hard and recover quickly, which resulted in an animal with intramuscular fat deposits.

However it wasn’t until the 1800’s that the Japanese started to eat Wagyu beef. Japanese military leaders recognised that diets rich in beef would make stronger soldiers and so beef became a regular part of the Japanese military diet. Recognizing their opportunity, pioneering breeders began selectively breeding their herds – some of those early genetic records survive until today in the Wagyu herd books dating back to the 1830’s. In the 1990’s, the breed was declared a national heritage and it is no longer possible to obtain genetics from Japan. The word Wagyu means Japanese cattle (‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cattle). Wagyu beef is often referred to as Kobe beef, referring to a particular region of origin in Japan.

We pride ourselves in producing natural grass fed Wagyu beef, with all supplementary feeding being natural and  on pasture without intensive feedlotting.

Internationally Recognised Genetics Program

Through our managed selection of genetics, breeding, feeding and processing, we control production from pasture to plate. We market our product both locally and internationally. Wild Coast Wagyu follows the Certified Wagyu Beef protocol which ensures full product traceability.


At Wild Coast Wagyu we believe that as stewards of the land, it is our responsibility to farm sustainably by protecting the environment and building the productive capacity of our soils  for future generations.


We collaborate with the hospitality, retail and wholesale industries in order to make our product accessible to local and international consumers who are looking for something special.